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The CHS Identity

One of the goals of the planning process was to distil the essence of a CHS education, the School’s ‘DNA’. This generated meaningful discussion and confirmed the fundamentals of who we are and what we do.

While the articulation of the CHS Identity is new, the ideas represented have guided the School since 1898. The Identity reinforces elements that continue to inspire our community, including the School values of courage, creativity, and citizenship.

More than a vision or mission statement, the CHS Identity brings to life the ethos that guides the School in ways that resonate for our community. Beyond its role in this plan, the Identity will increasingly be our touchstone in all decisions, actions, and communications.

At Crofton House


We believe…

in the power of girl-centred education, in meaningful relationships as the foundation for personal growth, and in a better future for all through the agency of women.


Every day…

our students are motivated to strive for their best selves, embracing academic challenge and diverse experiences, guided by staff who know them and believe in them.

art class


given the right environment to discover and pursue their own paths, girls develop the confidence and capacity to thrive and positively influence the world around them.

We value…


Trusting yourself and taking action


Finding new ways of seeing, learning, and being in the world


Building community within and beyond the School